About me

Ranjana Phadke is an accomplished Kathak dancer, acclaimed teacher and renowned choreographer who is recognised for her commitment. devotion and dedication to Kathak for the last three decades. She has undergone intensive training to master the rich narrative/craft and technical aspects of the dance form and has a deep understanding of the complexities of rhythm along with the creative ability to express a range of emotions flawlessly.

Ranjana is a post graduate in Kathak and has acquired the degree of “Nritya Alankar‘ from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. She has also pursued a graduate degree in Statistics from Pune University.

Ranjana has traveled and performed in several cultural venues including national as well as international dance festivals and prestigious events. She has given a number of solo performances and has choreographed and directed many productions all over India. Ranjana has conducted workshops and has performed across the globe in UK. Netherlands. USA. Germany. and Middle East. She has received many awards in recognition of her talent, versatility and dedication to the art form.

Ranjana is a professional artist. who combines artistry with innovation and creativity. She has worked in collaborations with nationally acclaimed artists and has also performed in many dance ballets. Her recent productions include “Shades of Kathak” which was a collaboration with two other accomplished artists of Kathak. She composed an innovative theme-based dance drama ‘Rutuvilasaha’ which depicted the similarities between six seasons and six stages of human life from birth to near death. In her efforts to promote the dance form, Ranjana recently organized a Kathak Symposium in Mumbai to bring together some of the leading Kathak artists and scholars on one platform for talks. discussions and debates.